Government orders ATC to reconnect Telecel

Government orders ATC to reconnect Telecel

Jul 8, 2024 - 06:40
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Government orders ATC to reconnect Telecel

Leading tower company ATC Ghana has been ordered by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization (MoCD) and the National Communications Authority (NCA) to reconnect all Telecel Ghana sites and undo their previous publication that claimed Telecel had been disconnected due to non-payment of bills.

The Ministry, NCA, and the two parties, ATC and Telecel, met on Friday to discuss this. July5,2024, in response to claims made by ATC that Telecel had disconnected its equipment from the tower co-location sites and neglected to pay their fuel and power bills.

Telecel Ghana countered ATC’s claims, calling them “utterly false,” shortly after ATC released their statement.

As a result, the case has been sent to the NCA for arbitration. ATC has also been directed to promptly restore Telecel’s service and to retract the earlier publication they made of the accusations through the same media outlet.

In the meantime, Techfocus24, the parent website of Puretvonline, has compiled a wealth of information regarding the precise circumstances that led the ATC to decide to disconnect Telecel. Await such facts shortly.

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